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Police K-9 and
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Hans Schlegel’s International Police K-9 Academy in Switzerland provides for the best K-9 training in Europe and one of the best in the world. Hans also breeds and trains his own dogs for future police work. The police Malinois and German Shepherd puppies are thoroughly checked for hip dysplasia or back problems. The movement tests start as early as two weeks of age. The dogs are tested through fourteen different steps. If the puppy moves slow and comfortable, the dog could be suited for future high level police training.

Hans Schlegel’s school operates in a number of countries around the world.

Welcome to Hans Schlegel’s
K-9 World

For the past 30 years, Hans Schlegel has been providing Police, sport, and various other K-9 training to Law enforcement agencies as well as private individuals. In that period, Hans has shared his training techniques an philosophies with each student that has attended his seminars.


What makes Hans techniques so special?

Although there are countless dog trainers in the U.S., and many are excellent ones, what lacks in many is the „touch“. The „touch“ being the ability to get inside a dogs head and understand the dogs thinking. Hans has the natural ability to evaluate a dog on sight and give an understandable explanation on how to fix a problem, or make a very good dog better. After explaining the necessary technique required to solve the problem, Hans will show the student how to accomplish it.

In Police terms, the handler is taught that a highly controlled animal is taught and maintained through motivational techniques, not compulsive techniques. Although some behavior problems may require corrections, the dog is immediately brought back into drive through motivation following the correction. This „releasing“ the dog from the corrective state, immediately with motivation, does not let the dog have the opportunity to settle into a submissive mind set. Therefore, the dog learns to avoid the behavior problem and enjoy the correct act required from the handler in the beginning.

Hans techniques are built around developing a better working relationship between handler and K9. A K9 trained through the proper motivation techniques will be more inclined to want to work with it’s handler. The dog that has been trained strictly through compulsion, or force, probably will never perform to it’s fullest potential.

Lori McGrath, Reno, Nevada

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